Building Your Own Computer

Advantages Of A Custom-Built PC

When it comes to configuring a computer that delivers the most and longest-lasting bang for your buck, it's hard to beat a custom built PC. Whether you are an online gamer looking for a rig that can handle the most graphics-heavy games, a designer in need of seamless editing capabilities, or an entertainment enthusiast ready to upgrade your home entertainment center, the best thing about a custom-built PC is that you can tailor it to your exact needs. Below are some of the key advantages of building your own computer.

Custom Performance

When you build or customize your own computer, you have direct control over all of the components you choose from the processor to the case. Ultimately, your own unique set of needs will determine the build and emphasis of your computer. From serious gamers to professional programmers, a custom-built PC can be designed to deliver the exact performance you need. Not only can you configure your computer to deliver the exact type of performance you need, but you can also choose a case that matches your personality and aesthetic goals. Additionally, with a custom computer, you will never have to pay for any pre-installed software that you don't need.

Ability To Upgrade

The problem with many out-of-the-box PCs is that they will often use generic, low-grade parts to save money. On top of this, most pre-built computer manufacturers do not allow for the type of configurations that enables you to choose each individual component. While it may not seem like a big deal at first, this lack of customizability can become problematic later down the line if you ever decide to upgrade your computer. For example, how long do you want your PC to be at the forefront of technology? Do you expect a change in your computing needs? Are you the type that doesn't like it when your computer becomes underpowered? It's important to consider these types of questions before purchasing a pre-built computer. Unfortunately, pre-built computers can be difficult to upgrade down the road. Sure, you might be able to slip another RAM stick or add a faster solid-state drive (SSD). But overall, your freedom to upgrade will be severely limited, especially if you want to upgrade without voiding warranties.

Easy To Maintain

One key benefit of being the owner of a custom built PC is that you often have the freedom and knowledge to easily make repairs before they become big problems. For instance, one common trouble with a lot of pre-built PCs is its power supply unit (PSU) has a tendency to act up. When this happens, most pre-built computer owners will send off their entire unit to get it inspected and fixed, which could potentially leave you without a computer for weeks. Compare this to those who have a custom-built PC - this problem could be solved by simply swapping out the old PSU for a new one. This is something that can be accomplished without voiding the warranty of all your computer's components.


Many people believe that custom gaming PCs are expensive and the building process is time-consuming. This is a big reason why many people will opt for a shelf-ready desktop system. If you feel that most of your needs can be met via an out-of-the-box PC, then this may, in fact, be the most cost-effective solution. However, if you need specific performance requirements, you will likely find that a custom built PC is the most cost-effective solution. Given the potential performance of a custom computer, users typically find that building their own system saves them money and grants them better computing performance. This is especially true if you are starting with a barebones computer .

What Type Of Custom-Built PC Do You Need?

How do you use your computer? Are you a gamer who pushes your processor to its limits? Are you a designer who needs seamless editing power? A custom-built PC can be configured to give you the highest performance at the best possible price. Below are just a few of the common builds Magic Micro can help you accomplish.

Home Office PC

Whether you are managing emails, creating presentations, or simply researching, Magic Micro can help personalize a computer that makes multitasking a breeze. Budget in mind, we can help you configure a custom-built PC that is ready to handle all of your office tasks.

Custom Gaming Computer

Magic Micro specializes in building custom gaming PCs. We have years of experience helping gamers create their dream computers. Whether you need the newest and beastliest NVIDIA graphic card available or a top-notch cooling system that will enhance the performance and the lifespan of your PC, Magic Micro can make it happen. We have years of experience helping PC gamers get the exact video card, CPU, memory, and all other components they need to make their dream gaming PC a reality.

Extreme PC Performance

The best part of building your own computer is that you have total control over how you spend your money. You get to integrate whatever motherboard, CPU, memory, video card, case, etc. that you want. This complete control allows you to create a PC that fits perfectly into your budget and performance requirements. Regardless of the type of custom workstation you need, we can help you find the most affordable and powerful solution. When looking for a new computer, many people will falsely assume that, to get the most reliable and trustworthy setup, they should turn to a popular computer manufacturer. This, however, is not always the case. If you take a closer look at pre-built computers, you will find that many of the components are chosen because of their affordability. This can lead to you paying more for less. It can also cause you to spend money on things that are not important to you and your individual computing needs. Building a custom computer allows you to avoid this and spend your money how you want. For instance, if you need a custom PC that has a big and powerful hard drive but also a low-end graphics card, this is something you can absolutely do. At Magic Micro, we have streamlined the process of configuring a custom-built computer. We have made the customization process affordable and simple. On top of this, we have a wide variety of components that have all been selected based on their compatibility, reliability, performance, and value. Check out our custom computers , laptops , and barebones kits .

The Components Of A Custom-Built PC

Are you new to the world of computer gaming or custom computers? Not sure what components can be customized or what exactly each component does? That's okay. We all must start somewhere. If you are like most new gamers, you may have a few questions regarding your custom computer. Specifically, you may be confused by all of your options and the key differences between all of the parts. Below are explanations of your computer's main components.


The central processing unit, or CPU, is the brain of your computer. It controls all of the data crunching and ultimately determines how fast your computer runs. Made of billions of microscopic transistors, the CPU is arguably one of the most important and complex components of a computer. The more CPU cores that your processor has, the more performance and speed it will deliver. Two of the most popular CPU manufacturers are Intel and AMD.


If the process is the brain of your computer, your motherboard could be seen as the nervous system. The motherboard is responsible for relaying information and communicating the directions sent by the processor. Your motherboard will send all of this information to all of the integral components of your computer - graphics cards, memory, hard drives, optical drives, and more. When you build your own PC, you will get to pick the exact type of motherboard that you want. This is not always the case with pre-built PCs. Not only will your options be limited with pre-made computers, but you will also likely run into difficulty if you try to find additional drivers and support for it down the road.


Random access memory (RAM) allows your computer to run multiple instructions and access files quickly without lagging. This is a quality that is, of course, vital to many computer tasks - gaming, editing, programming, etc. Most gamers find that at least 16GB of RAM is necessary to meet the demanding requirements of most games. For other, less-intense computing tasks, you can probably get by with only 8GB of RAM. It is important to remember that before choosing your RAM, make sure that your choice can be configured with your motherboard.

Graphics Processing Unit

There are two key types of graphics: integrated and discrete (or dedicated). Although integrated graphics are improving over time, discrete graphics are the standard for those building a serious custom gaming PC. Because of this, many gaming computer builds are made to support discrete graphics cards typically from Nvidia or AMD. A graphics processing unit (GPU) is included with a graphics card. These GPUs are what allows your computer to convert video signals and perform complex calculations to maximize the use of each pixel, creating the best representation of the image.


It can be difficult to know just how much storage you actually need. If you are a gamer, one place to start is to look up how much space your current list of games requires and then make an educated guess of how this will work with your future needs. Also, be sure to factor in any files, videos, and music you plan to store. There are two key storage choices: solid-state drive (SSD) or hard disk drive (HDD). In short, HDDs have more storage capacity and are generally cheaper, whereas SDDs are smaller and pricier but much faster. Naturally, those building gaming PCs will opt for SDDs. However, another option is to use both. These configurations typically work by using a lower capacity SSD in conjunction with an HDD, which provides fast loading times, cost efficiency, and sizeable storage capacity.

Power Supply

To bring your custom-built PC to life, you're going to need a quality power supply unit (PSU) to harness the power of electricity. The PSU converts the electrical power from your wall into power that your motherboard and processor can work with. This is one component that should not be underestimated, and skimping on a PSU can cause a number of costly problems down the line. To get a PSU that can handle all of your computer's needs, it is often recommended to choose your PSU after you have selected all of the other components.


The case is, of course, the part that holds all the internal components together and keeps everything structured. While this may not be the most important part of the customization process, cases can affect both the appearance and performance of your machine. Plus, if you are going to build the computer of your dreams, why not make it look exactly how you want? Magic Micro carries a wide variety of case styles, designs, colors, and configurations. When looking for the right case for your custom gaming computer, be sure to think about what you may want to add later - a cooling system, an extra fan, etc. - and plan for these future additions.

Why Magic Micro?

The best way to get the exact PC you want is to build it yourself. We believe this, and we are passionate about helping people build their own custom PC. Magic Micro makes the process of configuring a custom-built PC simple and affordable. We have more than 15 years of experience, building custom gaming computers, and when you come to us for your computing needs, we leverage this experience and knowledge to help you build the computer of your dreams. Whether you are looking for a custom gaming PC ready to take on the most demanding games or a professional editing workstation able to provide seamless functionality, we're poised to help build a computer tailored to your specifications. Start customizing your PC today!

Custom Builds

Whether it's for gaming, editing, multitasking, or some other task, your computer can be made to handle all of your needs. On top of this, we make the configuration process simple and convenient.


As a reputable custom computer builder, we ensure that each component of your custom gaming PC is checked and tested extensively. This type of quality is something that is rare in the world of mass-produced computers.


We know our customers. We know that computer performance is something you value. This is why we make sure that our systems are built to be updated, expanded, and easily serviced, allowing you to potentially extend the life of your computer by years.

Warranty & Tech Support

We trust in our configurations and in the products we use. For many of our desktops and workstations, we include warranty services and unlimited tech support absolutely free. Shop Magic Micro today! We have a wide variety of barebones kits , custom computers , laptops , components, and more.