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Top 14 Reasons Why Gaming PC Is Better Than Console

Every gamer is faced with an impossible choice of choosing between PC vs console. Debating about which one is better raises topics such as which one is less expensive, which one has better graphics, or which one delivers the best performance. However, many gamers nowadays prefer PC gaming to console gaming. This is because gaming PCs, particularly on Windows, is better than ever. So, why is PC gaming better than console? Read on to find out why.

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First off, gaming PC tend to have better graphics than a console. This is because they have more advanced hardware elements. These include faster processors, larger amounts of memory, and high-end graphics cards. These hardware elements facilitate higher resolutions, more advanced graphics, and smoother frame rates. This creates a more immersive and realistic gaming experience that's better compared to what consoles offer.

You Can Upgrade Your PC

Another reason why a gaming PCs are better than a consoles is you can upgrade its hardware and software over time. A console typically has a lifespan of about 5-6 years, while a PC can last much longer. Gaming PC last 7-10 years, but the hardware can get upgraded over time to last longer. You can also make a partial upgrade according to your budget. Even if you spend just $30 per month on your PC, you'll still own a hardware element that is still more powerful than a current generation console. While an upgrade such as changing the motherboard or PSU, might require a bit of expertise, others like slotting in a new graphics card or memory are relatively easy. You can also upgrade your gaming laptops or the Steam Deck to some extent.

Customization Options

PCs and barebones have better customization options. Gaming PC offer a variety of customization options that most consoles don't have. Players can access mods and customization game settings. They also get to choose from a larger variety of gaming accessories such as keyboards, mice, and controllers. This allows for a more personalized gaming experience. You are also able to do things like set custom key bindings and adjust graphics settings to suit individual preferences. A console, on the other hand, is typically limited to controllers offering less control over aspects of the game such as graphics.

Game Mods

If you're someone who enjoys tinkering and customization options, then PC gaming might be better for you. It offers a variety of mods for you to enjoy. In a game like Skyrim or GTA, you can modify the game to make it better and to suit your needs. You can also share the game-mods with other game-pals. While a console offers a limited amount of modding, it doesn't compare to the flexibility and creativity you can enjoy on a PC.

Free Online Service

PC gaming is also better than console because you don’t have to pay for online service while playing a game on a PC. This is in contrast to a console like Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox which require a monthly subscription fee. Additionally, if you're looking for a more cost-effective way to play a multiplayer game-online, PC gaming is a better choice for you.

Easier to Fix

Another reason why a gaming PC is better than a console If for example a component of your console's hardware malfunctions, fixing it can be quite tricky. In contrast, PC are generally easier to troubleshoot and repair. Even if you can't fix the issue yourself, there are a variety of companies and professionals who specialize in repairing PC. This makes owning one less of a headache and a better alternative.

More Games Available

While there are console exclusive games that you can't play on a desktop computer here are many more games available for PC gamers than console gamers. Thanks to emulators, you can play almost any game ever released on a PC. This means you can go back in time and play a classic DOS game. Emulators also enhance the graphics of an older game to make it look even better. You can even further enjoy a fan-translated game that hasn’t been released yet.

Backward Compatibility

Another reason why gaming PC are better than a console is that they offer a more inclusive experience for playing previous-generation games. Unlike a console, which may lack backward compatibility entirely, PC architecture does not undergo drastic changes from one generation to the next. This allows for easy compatibility with older games. Moreover, emulation software is available for much older games that may not run on current operating systems. This means gaming PC offer a much wider range of game options.


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PC Are Not Just For Games

Gaming PC are designed with powerful hardware and software to run the most demanding games. This does not, however, imply that this is all they are capable of. You can use your gaming PC for almost anything within the digital realm. You could stream movies, create art and illustrations, and even make video games. A typical console, on the other hand, is primarily built for gaming and streaming, with limited capabilities outside of those functions.


While the cost of a gaming console is cheaper than a gaming PC, it is important to factor in additional costs associated with a console. Gaming PC cost more upfront. They range from $1,000 to $3,000. With time, however, a gaming PC depreciates. A console on the other hand is expensive and when a new one is released, the older one cost much less.

Also, a newly released game for PC is often cheaper. A game that will cost you $70 on PS5 may cost $40-60 on PC during release. Additionally, a PC game is sold more frequently compared to a console game since distributors are competing for sales. Desktop vs console cost add up over time and in the long run, a console game may end up costing more.

Early Access

Another reason why PC gaming is better is their early access to new and upcoming-games. When a game is developed for a console, it has to go through a rigorous compliance process. This is to make sure that it will work within the closed ecosystem of the console. This process is time-consuming and can be a barrier to indie developers who are looking to self-publish their games.

For a PC however, its open nature means that developers can release their games directly to players without having to go through a console manufacturer. This has resulted in the rise of the early access release model. Thanks to this model, gamers can buy and play a game that is still in development. This enables the gamers to provide feedback and contribute to the final product's design. This has also led to the development of countless unique and imaginative games that would not have been possible on a console.

Superior Performance

Another reason why gaming PCs are better is their superior performance compared to a typical console. Gaming PC are typically built with high-quality components that can handle the demands of any modern game. This means that they can provide a smoother and more immersive gaming experience than a console.

Virtual Reality

Apart from performance, another area where gaming PC have an edge over consoles is in the realm of virtual reality. While VR experiences are available on console, they are often limited in terms of hardware and software options. On desktop computer, however, players have access to a wide range of VR headsets and can choose the one that works best for them. This makes it possible to create more immersive and engaging VR experiences, as well as give developers more freedom to experiment with different hardware and software combinations.


Finally, gaming PC are better than any console since they offer an exclusive pass to any game. Consoles also have their fair share of exclusive titles. For gaming PC, however, their games require precise control and keyboard and mouse input. This is impossible to play on a console. In addition, desktop gaming computer  has a thriving sports scene, with many games designed specifically for competitive play on PC. This makes PC gaming a better choice for gamers interested in competitive play or who want access to a wider range of games.

The battle between PC vs console is never-ending. However, you can clearly see which one prevails. So, is PC gaming better than console? Yes. PCs are far more powerful than any typical console, have better graphics, high-quality and upgradable hardware, top-notch performance, more customization options, and cost less. There are a variety of reasons why you should buy a gaming PC as opposed to a console. Buy one and get to experience these benefits firsthand.