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Choosing Between Prebuilt and Custom PCs: Pros and Cons

Choosing a personal computer can be challenging, especially with so many options available in the market. When buying a computer, there are various factors you need to consider to make the right fit for you. The first factor to consider is the primary purpose of your computer. Computers can be designed for various purposes, including word processing, internet browsing, video editing, gaming, and entertainment. Some tasks require tailored internal parts specifications to run smoothly. More straightforward tasks can be carried out on an ordinary prebuilt computer. Other factors to consider when purchasing a computer include the operating system, RAM, ROM, graphics, screen size, brand, processor, form factor, etc. This article will cover details on prebuilt and tailored computers.

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What is a Prebuilt PC?

A prebuilt computer is assembled and configured by a manufacturer. The manufacturer assembles all the internal parts components and installs an operating system on the desktop. Pre-set PCs are ready to use immediately and are an excellent option for users who don't want to build a desktop themselves. The manufacturer builds all the necessary parts, including the motherboard, processor, memory, storage, and power supply. Pre-set PCs are available in various configurations to accommodate a range of requirements and price points, including gaming PCs, entertainment, home or office PCs, etc. Different brands of pre-set desktops may have different features, modifications, and configurations.

Advantages of buying a pre-built desktop PC

  • Convenience
  • Warranty
  • Tested and Configured
  • Cost-Effective
  • Quality parts
  • Preinstalled Softwares
  • Better Customer Support


A pre-set computer saves time since the manufacturer builds all the necessary parts. The desktop is ready for purchase since the manufacturer or retailer has assembled and tested the components. The end users don't have to spend time researching and selecting each part, building the desktop, and troubleshooting any issues. A customer service representative can walk you through the setup process when you purchase the computer.


Another pro of a pre-set desktop is the warranty. The manufacturer or retailer offers a warranty on the parts and assembly of the desktop. If a part fails, it can be replaced at no extra cost. A pre-set desktop can help you save money by providing an internal parts warranty on all its parts.

Tested and Configured

Pre-set desktops are pre-tested by the manufacturer's technicians to ensure they meet your needs or specifications. The manufacturer sets all the desktop configurations before you purchase it. This saves you the hassle of configuring the desktop's internal settings and operating system.


Pre-set PCs are cheaper than building a tailored desktop from scratch, especially considering the time and labor-intensive nature of the assembly process. Factory-made desktops are ready to use, and you don't need to spend extra money on modifications. They come in various specifications and prices to suit your budget needs.

Quality parts

Pre-set desktops contain better parts and parts than tailored computers. They have a better power supply, motherboards, processors, graphics, etc. Manufacturers use high-quality materials in their factory-made desktops. The parts are tested before installation to ensure they meet the required standards and last longer.

Preinstalled Softwares

Custom PCs usually come with preinstalled software, such as drivers and utilities. A factory-made PC may come with several preinstalled software such as browsers, video editing programs, PDF readers, media players, etc. The manufacturer ensures that all software is up and running, saving you the hassle of installing them.

Better Customer Support

Most retailers and manufacturers offer good customer support on factory-made personal desktops. Since the manufacturer has already configured the desktop, it may not need any significant modifications after purchase. Some reputed retailers and manufacturers assist users with troubleshooting issues, software upgrades, and internal parts upgrades.

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Disadvantages of a pre-built Computer

  • Limited Customization
  • Difficult to Upgrade

Limited Customization

The most significant disadvantage of a prebuilt laptop is that the internal parts and software cannot be customized. You can't choose tailored internal parts such as better graphics cards and motherboards. Software setting options are limited to what the manufacturer provides. Custom PC may not be suitable for gaming due to the sophisticated nature of the programs.

Difficult to Upgrade

Pre-set desktops are often challenging to upgrade since you must upgrade all the internal parts before upgrading the software. The motherboard, processors, memory, storage, and hard drive must be upgraded to hold various sophisticated software. This can be a time-consuming and costly process.


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What Exactly is a Custom PC?

A tailored desktop is a PC assembled exclusively by the user. The user chooses the parts of the desktop. A tailored PC differs from a factory-made PC in that there are no prebuilt settings, features, or modules. The parts can be chosen to fulfill particular needs. Building a tailored desktop requires some technical knowledge and expertise, as users must select compatible parts and assemble them correctly. The PCs are customized to handle heavy software designed for various purposes, such as video editing, gaming, etc. Gaming desktops have to be specially customized to run heavy programs.

Pros of a Custom PC

  • Greater customization
  • Higher Performance Potential
  • Upgradeability
  • Learning Experience

Greater customization

Users choose parts that best suit their needs and tastes, which gives them more customization possibilities. They can select specific parts from various brands and types to achieve their customization needs. This allows the desktop to handle sophisticated software that may not run on a factory-made desktop. They can be specially customized for gaming purposes. Installing used parts can make the customization process cheaper.

Higher Performance Potential

Custom-built PCs have a higher performance potential since these PCs have been specifically designed and customized to perform various tasks. Users can select high-performance processors, motherboards, and RAM to boost the desktop's performance to support gaming.


Tailored personal desktops are easy to upgrade. The user can upgrade the individual parts at any time. The user can easily install new parts such as graphic cards, hard drives, and processors to boost the desktop's performance. Gaming personal computers need to be upgraded regularly to support new program features.

Learning Experience

When you assemble a tailored desktop from scratch, you learn how the parts fit together and how they operate. Users learn how to fix hardware and software issues without seeking professional help. They also learn about the compatibility of various desktop parts.

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Cons of a Custom PC

  • Technical Knowledge
  • Complexity and Troubleshooting
  • Equipment and Tools

Technical Knowledge

Building your own PC requires some technical knowledge and expertise. Users need a basic knowledge of how to install internal parts and software. The process can be complicated and time-consuming if the user is not a technical expert.

Complexity and Troubleshooting

Assembling a custom desktop can be a complex as well as a time-consuming process. There may be compatibility issues between the parts, like the processor, RAM, motherboard, and hard disk. You can use recorded videos for reference when building your own PC.

Equipment and Tools

Users need equipment and tools to assemble a custom personal computer, including screwdrivers, internal parts, and a soldering gun. The personal computer should have the right standoffs in the motherboard to ensure a fast and secure connection. Acquiring all the necessary tools and equipment can be quite expensive.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Prebuilt and Custom-built PCs

  • Budget

Custom-build PCs are cheaper than prebuilt PCs. If you want to spend less money on your PC, a prebuilt desktop with good specifications will do just fine. Users should consider their budget and decide which option offers the best value for money.

  • Time and Effort

Building a custom desktop requires time and effort. A prebuilt desktop saves you the hassle of installing hardware and software. Users should consider how much time and effort they are willing to invest in building a custom desktop.

  • Warranty and Support

Prebuilt desktops come with a warranty for their parts. If the internal parts fail, the brand's customer team can fix the damages for free. Custom personal desktops don't have a warranty package, and the user pays for any repair costs.

  • Customization Needs

Custom desktops are more suitable for people looking to run sophisticated programs on their PCs. There is a wide variety of tailored desktop parts and parts. One can choose exactly the parts that fit their needs. If you intend to use your desktop for gaming purposes, it would be best to build a customized desktop to improve your experience.

  • Future Upgradeability

Tailored PCs are more appropriate if the user wants greater upgradeability in the future. Tailored PCs are convenient if a user plans to boost the PC's performance when the need arises. Users should consider the upgradeability of the prebuilt and tailored PCs they choose in case new needs arise. Customized desktops are typically cheaper to customize since the user does the technical work themselves.

Choosing between prebuilt and custom-built personal computers depends on the user's needs. A custom-build desktop is suitable if the user wants a reasonably priced computer and limited customization. Prebuilt desktops are cheaper since the manufacturer installs the internal parts and software. On the other hand, a custom-built PC allows the users to build it according to their specifications to run various sophisticated programs smoothly. Gaming fans can customize their desktop to run the program effectively. It would be best to consider all the factors before deciding. Also Barebones PC may be a good options for you.