DVI-A to VGA analog adapter

DVI-A to VGA analog adapter


Product Information

DVI-A to VGA analog adapter

DVI to VGA adapters (really DVI-A to VGA adapters) will connect a regular VGA/SVGA monitor to a DVI-I connection

Use this adapter to change your DVI Connector to regular VGA Connector. If video cards have a dual display capability you can use this adapter to allow dual display.

Note: There are 3 types of DVI Connectors: DVI Analog, DVI Digital and DVI Analog and Digitals If your DVI on the video card is digital (DVI-D), this DVI connector will not work. If your connector on the video card is DVI-A ( analog) or DVI-I ( analog + Digital), this Dvi adapter will work. Please check your DVI Pins carefully.

This adapter is compatible to all our video cards. All video cards offered on this website are DVI-I or DVI-A.

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