Intel RTS-2011 AC Cooling Fan/Heatsink

Intel RTS-2011 AC Cooling Fan/Heatsink

* For Intel I7 LGA 2011 CPUs

* CPU Support up to 4.8Ghz

* Rated speed : 4600 rpm

* Air flow : 25.9 CFM

* Noise : 25-32 dBA

* Rated voltage : 12 v

* Heat sink material: Aluminum w/copper insert.


Product Information

Inte Socket 2011 fan

The Spire Intel socket 1333 Cooling Fan is a combination heatsink and fan designed for cooling Intel socket 2011 chips used in servers and advanced workstations. It sports a large heatsink with enough cooling capacity for all models of the processor. A quiet running 6cm brushless ball bearing DC motor coupled with a high-efficiency blade design is capable of moving 25.9 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air. Power is supplied to the fan using a 4-lead TX3 connector that plugs into the motherboard and allows the system to monitor fan speed and operating status.

  • For Intel i7 CPU up to 3.8 GHz
  • Chomerics phase change interface.
  • One step clip for fast and easy installation.
  • Rated speed : 2200-4600 rpm
  • Rated voltage : 12 v
  • Air flow : 25.9 CFM
  • Noise : 25-32 dBA
  • Heat sink material : Aluminum 1100
  • Thermal resistance : 0.42 C/W
  • Low cost & High thermal performance

Your Total Price: $19.00

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