USB 2.0 Adapter Card 4 port PCI

USB 2.0 Adapter Card 4 port PCI


Product Information

USB 2.0 Adapter Card 4 port PCI

4-Port PCI host controller comes with 5 connectors, 4 external and 1 internal connectors; one of the external is sharing the same port with the internal connector.r.

USB 2.0 Adapter NECís USB 2.0 host controller, which was the first to receive USB certification last November. The NECís host controller chip provides 4 ports in a three (3) independent host controller design (two OHCI & one EHCI). With this specification, all 4 ports support both the OHCI and EHCI. Users may connect any USB 2.0 and 1.1 devices to any of these 4 ports, and enjoy the full bandwidth of USB 2.0 and USB 1.1.

USB 2.0, or Enhanced Host Controller Interface (EHCI) has a total bandwidth of 480 Mbits/sec, which can deliver 40 times faster speed than the older USB 1.1 specification, or Open Host Controller Interface (OHCI, 12 Mbits/sec and 1.5Mbits/sec).

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