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Custom Gaming Laptop: Components of a Good Gaming System

Custom Gaming Laptop: Components of a Good Gaming System


For any hobby you undertake, you need certain accoutrements to make it easier. For example, if you’re a surfer, a wetsuit is a good investment to fend off the cold. If you’re a hiker, a good pair of hiking boots is essential to grip the ground better so you don’t slip. And if you’re a cat lover, it helps to have a cat to love.

For gamers, it’s all about your gaming system. From the processor to memory, what you have powering your gaming experience matters. That’s why Magic Micro Computers offers the best build your own gaming computers. You can customize till your heart’s content with us. We offer so many options, it’s dizzying, from barebones PCs to desktop computers and laptops. Visit our website to see all of our selections, but be aware you’re head may be left spinning!

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what will make a killer gaming computer system. Let’s get started!


  • A processor. The brain of your gaming computer system, your central processing unit, or CPU, will control all of what you ask your gaming system to do. The CPU controls the number of tasks you can do as well as the speed with which they are done. The rest of your gaming system is the body. For gamers, you want either AMD or Intel CPUs.

  • Motherboard. Your motherboard (or mobo colloquially speaking) is the house of your gaming system, the shell per se. It’s the main circuit board that supports and holds the other computer parts that talk to each other, such as the CPU, memory, and connectors for peripherals. Not every CPU works with every motherboard, so be sure you check for compatibility before you buy, or give Magic Micro Computers a call.

  • Operating system. You’ll need to choose your operating system when you are building your own gaming PC. Once you install your operating system on your custom built gaming PC on your storage device, you can then start installing all of your programs, games, and other personal items you’ll need for your computer, such as PowerPoint, Xcel, etc.

  • Memory. Perhaps the most important part of your gaming system, you want adequate memory space in order to access files quickly and have no lag time when running multiple processes at once, which for gamers, means all the interfaces of your game. RAM controls the speed of your games as your computer needs the short-term memory to the best interactive gaming experience. It’s your computer’s short-term memory, which keeps information accessible for you. You need at least 4GM of RAM (random access memory) or your games won’t run optimally. Most gamers agree if you have 16 GM of RAM, you’ll be good for some time to run any games on the market today.

  • Graphics processing unit. Without a solid graphics processing unit, your custom built gaming computer is essentially lifeless. In your build your own custom gaming PC process, a graphics processing unit (GPU, graphics card, or video card) will make your games infinitely better aesthetically speaking. The GPU is what allows your computer to execute the complex graphics calculations for your custom build computer games to look so good. Your games will appear photorealistic while playing, which, honestly, is just cool, and you won’t have to worry about your computer crashing or your games being slowed down with a GPU.

  • Storage. This is probably the most individualistic choice you can make when you build your own custom gaming computer. Storage will vary based on how many games you play and what else you are storing on your computer since many of us use the same computer for all of our computing needs. Here, you have two options:

  1. Hard drive. Hard drives are what most of us are intimately familiar with since they’ve been around for over 50 years. A hard drive uses disks and components to write on them and read them. Thus, when searching for information, you have to wait for the computer to find the information on the disk and read it. Hard drives are reliable technology that currently can hold more storage than the newer-technology of the SSD.

  2. Solid-state drive (SSD). SSDs are newer storage devices that rely on electronic storage in a non-volatile memory, meaning your data won’t disappear when you turn the computer off. They are basically large USB drives since they draw upon the same technology. SSDs are quickly becoming a necessity in the gaming world as they have faster load times for games, are lighter than traditional hard drives, so aren’t as cumbersome to move, and they use less energy, which ultimately keeps the computer cooler. They are quieter and more durable, but cost more than your traditional hard drive.

  • Power supply unit. When running a high-powered custom gaming computer by Magic Micro Computers, you’re going to need a top-notch power supply unit (PSU). Often overlooked, the PSU needs enough wattage in order to cool your computer and run high-end video cards. That being said, most power supplies will do.

  • Cooling unit. Keeping your CPU cool is critical to having your custom gaming computer by Magic Micro Computers running properly. Fans and heatsinks are great investments to keep all of your custom built computer parts cool and in good working order.

  • Computer monitor. Not the most essential for the running of your custom gaming system, but certainly important to you. After all, you’ve just spent a lot of money to get your custom built computer off the ground; now you want to be able to see it. Don’t chintz out here. The higher the resolution, the better. You can also get a higher refresh rate which will smooth out the movements more.

  • Mouse. For gamers, a mouse that has mappable buttons, the ability to adjust the DPI, or a wireless mouse could be important just for the ease of your gaming experience. You can definitely keep a normal mouse as well.

  • Keyboard. There are now a ton of options when choosing computer keyboards. You can go with the traditional membrane keyboard, or a more tactile one with mechanical switches. You can have wired or wireless, macro keyw, and even RGB lighting. One of the benefits of building your own gaming PC by Magic Micro Computers is choosing exactly what meets your needs and your style.

  • Custom computer gaming case. A custom built gaming computer system will need a solid case to protect it from damage, spills, and dings. If you invest in a high-quality gaming computer case, it will last you through several customer computer building cases. Invest in one that’s made of metal rather than plastic; one that has room to hold your current components and add additional custom gaming computer components, while allowing room for ventilation. Cases usually come in three sizes: full-tower, mid-tower, and mini-tower. These are just general guidelines as every manufacturer of custom gaming cases makes different sizes. However, they are based on the size of the motherboard, so have this in mind before ordering. In general, mid-tower is the most popular size since it’s roomy enough to accommodate some graphics cards, a couple of hard drives, and a cooling system. However, if you are going all out when you build your own gaming PC, the bigger the case, the better. Furthermore, your computer gaming case is a place to personalize your custom built gaming computer. Handles are a nice touch, especially if you plan on traveling to friends’ houses frequently to game. Some custom computer gaming cases have windows and lights as well.

Magic Micro Computers recommends having a budget in mind before you begin as component parts for your custom built gaming computer system can run the gamut in terms of cost, thus making the cost add up very quickly. Prioritize what is most important to you as well. If you really want a SSD, you might want to invest in that instead of in a flashy keyboard. The beauty of building your own gaming PC is you can do whatever you want.

Magic Micro Computers is passionate about gaming and helping gamers obtain what they need to make their gaming time fun. We offer Barebones PCs, desktop gaming computers, and gaming laptops. A few we offer we’ll highlight below.

Our AMD A8 APU DDR4 Barebones comes in a black case with 400W posts supply. It has DDR4 memory support and six USB. You’ll be good to go by just adding a hard drive, memory and DVDRW.

Our Magic Intel i5 X299 Starter is perfect for your home theatre, desktop PC needs, or LAN-party gaming system. Featuring the new 7th Generation Intel Kaby lake Quad core CPU, dual head nVidia video card with 1GB memory, and 2666MHz High speed DDR4 memory, this custom gaming desktop is easy to customize.

Just because laptops are small doesn’t mean they can’t be gaming machines. Our Clevo 13.3" Custom Home & Office Notebook weighs only 2.87 pounds and is razor thin. It features a 13.3” QHD + IPS display, an Intel 8th Generation processor, and a built-in card reader. With this custom gaming laptop, you’ll be ready to take your gaming to the next level!

Magic Micro Computers cares about our clients. We offer an unparalleled support process with free lifetime tech support on all custom built gaming systems. If you need help troubleshooting or have compatibility questions, give us a call. Our friendly representatives are standing by to help you with your custom built gaming computers. We firmly believe that all gamers need a custom built gaming computer in order to power their gaming experience to the next level. Contact us with questions, or visit us online to begin building your own gaming PC today!