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AMD FX-4100 Bulldozer (Zambezi) 3.6GHz (Quad Core) 32nm, AM3+ 8MB Cache

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Product Code: CPAMQ-FX4100
Mfr Part#: AMD FX-4100 3.6GHz
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  Product Information

AMD FX-4100 Processor
Get the perfect balance between Cores and Speed and experience responsive game play and mega-tasking performance with the new AMD FX 6-Core Processors. Get an AMD FX-4100 Processor in your system. AMD FX Processors deliver an entirely new level of performance while minimizing power usage. The AMD FX-4100 Processor features a new architecture developed from the ground up. All AMD FX Processors are unlocked, overclockable and ultra compact.

VISION FX Technology

Combine the AMD FX-4100 Processor chipset with an AMD Radeon HD 6800/6900 Series Graphics Processor to form the high-performance platform (VISION FX Technology from AMD) featuring Microsoft® DirectX® 11 for maximum detail and responsiveness and Immersive multi-monitor capabilities with AMD Eyefinity Technology.

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • Fully unlocked and overclockable from factory!
  • Overclock for a big boost in performance and speed.
  • More speed when you need it most with AMD Turbo CORE Technology.
  • Maximum power available from virtually every core configuration.
  • Aggressive performance for intensive applications like video editing and 3D modeling.
  • Delivers advanced performance with lower power requirements.
  • Maximum multitasking and super-fast, unrestrained data flow.

Note: AMD FX Processors require an AMD 9-Series motherboard with socket AM3+; these processors are not backward compatible with previous generation motherboards.


AMD FX-4100 3.60 GHz Quad Core AM3+ Unlocked CPU
  Processor Interface:  Socket AM3+
  Additional Technologies:  Enhanced Virus Protection
  AMD Virtualization
  AMD Turbo Core 2.0 Technology
  HyperTransport 3.1 Technology
  Wattage:  95W
  Processor Speed:  4100 / 3.60GHz
  Processor Class:  FX
  Fan:  Included
  Bus Speed:  5.2 GT/s
  Unlocked Multiplier:  Yes
  Instruction Set:  SSE
  CPU Type:  Desktop
  Manufacturer:  AMD
  L2 Cache:  4MB
  L3 Cache:  8MB
  Cores:  Quad
  Integrated Graphics Core:  No
  Integrated Memory Controller:  Yes

Detailed Features

Overclocking capabilities — Unlocked for a big boost in performance and speed.

“Bulldozer” architecture — Designed to increase core communication for unparalleled multitasking and pure core performance.

AMD Turbo CORE Technology — A burst of speed for the task at hand. Delivers dynamic core performance boosts depending on users' workload at frequencies faster than stock clock speeds!

AMD OverDrive™ software — Tuning controls to push performance to the limits and monitors system stability when overclocking.

32nm die shrink — Stable and smooth performance with impressive energy efficiency.

Advanced Instruction Support — accelerates a new generation of applications: SSE3, SSE4.1/4.2, AVX, AES, XOP, FMA4

Larger Caches — increase everyday performance with support up to 4MB L2 Cache and 8MB L3 Cache.

Your price:  $75.00
AMD FX-4100 Bulldozer (Zambezi) 3.6GHz (Quad Core) 32nm, AM3+ 8MB Cache

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